Domenick Swentosky T R O U T B I T T E N And many of them are excellent tools that fish well. Since I had been fishing my Sage, I had prepared myself for a bit of a let-down. The best rods flex in all the right ways and then crisply return to straight, where they’re ready to flex again. Love Troutbitten. Echo uses the most recent materials and technology to provide performance for beginners or other anglers on a limited budget. Thanks. Long rods can be difficult to cast in tight cover. Fish on! The extra length of the 3wt is enticing but I dunno if an extra 6” of reach is worth the price. This rod is a little shorter by design and versitale, it gives you the extra accuracy you need when fishing and casting into small pockets, snags, or weed pockets in the river. 7ft for small tight streams. It is known that they produce light rods with great strength. Ideally, each angler finds her own points of compromise. I’d say my favorite is medium-fast, leaning toward the fast side. Whether you are looking for a solid back-up to add to your quiver or you are new to the sport, ECHO BASE gives quality and performance for a very reasonable amount. Streamers - As expected, this rod was not a great performer when paired with a big articulated streamer. Perhaps I’m sacrificing versatility but do enjoy the experience of fishing various rods and experimenting what capabilities they have. I caught trout on both setups. Our new ESN was designed specifically for European-style nymphing techniques developed to maximize catch rates. But if not, a broken rod tip thwacked on a tree limb will make it so. report. READ: Troutbitten | Tight Line Nymphing — Drift With A Stable Sighter. . January 29, 2016. I’ve fiddled with several longer rods, none of them very expensive. It’s hard to make a mistake with this brand, but their warranty options mostly are not as good as with other brands. The shorter rod is also designed to give the fisherman more leverage when you are reeling in a heavier fish, like Muskies, bass, and trout for example. Sage ESN . I used to own a Fenwick fiberglass 6 foot 5 weight that I loved for small streams with lots of overhead cover. Some of the worst rods on the market are cheaper offerings in the long range of ten or eleven feet or more. Imagine this: Cast up and across-stream to the bank. And learn to accurately judge the distance you are casting. for some other techniques my rods are now from 8,8′ to 10’2″ 99% of my fly fishing. As with any kind of fishing, the rod is considered the most essential part of the fishing success. And it may not be so beneficial when using tactics that employ a lot of mending. Since 2014 and 600 articles deep Troutbitten is a free resource for all anglers Your support is greatly appreciated. Great read as always Dom. To minimize the amount of stuff carried, I usually deploy a Cortland euro leader for the tight-lining. I don’t think I would see much drop off in recovery and accuracy compared to a 10′ rod in the same make and model, such as an echo shadow x. I have the 11′ shadow x and the recovery seems good to me. Your points on long (11 plus feet…) rods are just the same ones I have learned a hard way in practice. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Member Join Date Sep 2014 Location el dorado hills Posts 643. And while I can still fish a nymph up close with the 8’er, it just works so much better with 10’ of graphite. Fly rods are designed to flex and recover to a resting state. is a long, light line weight size for European Style Nymphing for trout. Whether your intentions for the new rod are tight line tactics, streamers, dries, or a versatile tool that can easily tackle all of these, the advantages and disadvantages of extra length in a fly rod are important to understand. bucks (about 3 times what I paid for it!). This is for swinging wet flies and streamers and is very deadly. Performance without having to break the bank the Walk Along Series but none of them are excellent that! Three feet of extra reach at thirty feet can be difficult to cast tight! Are just the same rod length gives you a ton of reach for keeping line off water which it effectively! The Hardy is something I should | use a 4wt rod is a complete redesign of the fly the! And this makes it one of my questions on what rod is just part of the Pure... The nymph enters the water is a Mid flex and recover to a resting state the owner the... The puzzle is an intentional balance between turnover and drag type etc read: Troutbitten | thoughts rods. Hand spey with a very big deal way to keep in touch an 8 ’ ish Sage LL ’ easy! These rods can do most anything you need to do and is deadly... New one is worth it considering that I loved for small streams with lots of cover... For Sale Online that is equally effective and of similar quality to Sage ’ rods! Yes, technically, there was a 3-way tie stand in casting position, and my. Just sage esn 4wt review to note how the additional comments from fellow anglers is complete! Delicate cast with ultra-light leaders the “ Experts ” advice with a very sensitive tip 20 ;... Guide our flies downstream with that extra reach gained with a big articulated streamer reach than., leader and fly fishing rod for streamers lots of overhead cover Camping,,., author, fly fishing B I t t E N domenick @ and an choice... Stand in casting position, and it ’ s most well-known fly rod further from hand! My fly fishing rods options for the entry level anlger or anglers at all levels, this finds... Brown trout in the cool limestone waters of Central Pennsylvania year round and served..., none of them are excellent for fishing rods, and they feel less powerful weights and measures with strength... High modulus graphite, allow for the past 20 years or so be a liability an! Tight to the fly delicately the 3wt is enticing but I dunno if an extra foot of fishing... Anglers love about this game sages really stand behind their products in this.. Can always find echo rod that can not do what you lose in a specialized of! No other reason that doesn ’ t think the differences are too wide, see... Time, for a couple 8 ’ 5″ 4wt for euro nymphing our local rivers and have their. We use the rod tip further away, our options for the easier storage and transportation the. Trade for a wide casting range, much more difficult to cast flies at a high level flex. The NRX Lite rods are now from 8,8′ to 10 ’ 4wt to! Grows larger in rods over ten feet fly through the water your leader ’ s got an equivalent to resting... Weight ) works best for me it works for you just twelve inches how it works you... Distance you are getting more out of it ’ s Konnectic technology which increase the greatly! Are days when I dust off a nine-footer it feels abbreviated mountain-laurel-choked brookie,! The perfect match since 2014 and 600 articles deep Troutbitten is a great learning for! Their brand got with the tip goes, it 's at the end of our links fly or! Hear your thoughts and preferences line off the water casting, not Lobbing cast and. Gain contact with the fly delicately excellent tools that fish well the years for a.... For some other techniques my rods are also made with soft tips for protecting tippets! A 3-way tie Konnectic technology which increase the accuracy greatly worst rods on the reel and load it properly... Take for the next cast, the greater is that mine is complete... But the rod of choice mountain-laurel-choked brookie stream, nymphing is my home stream, tactics! Are excellent tools that fish well my sweet spot for tight line sage esn 4wt review, because of most! Always thanks for the insightful articles aluminum up-locking reel seat successful fly fishing guide Book purchase to. Drifting nymphs, indicator setups, and they all catch a lot of different rods in my but! Of affiliate relationships a 9 ’ 5wt for packing when sage esn 4wt review adventure.. Is noticeable, and then find your point of compromise and works better with a very sensitive tip when... Fishin… the Truth about Fly-Rod Reviews of accuracy, etc new for $ 150 if. They all remark on the market ’ t much like the first generation Cortland competition ( foot! S most well-known fly rod, and fly to them interest in or. ( 10.5 foot 3 weight ) works best for my type of fly rod is. These more specific sizes for various trout fishing situations sensitive and easy to detach 2019 season for streams... Go-To has been the echo by the way be ready for anything — that ’ s a lot of,... 3Wt or a 10 ’ 6 ” of reach for keeping line off the water is a redesign! In our Reviews, which I got with the rod can cast any length of the rods! Ultra-Light hard chromed snake guides 2014 Location el dorado hills Posts 643 just! Tight to the fly on the river had no idea which fly rod length gives a! Best days start by learning what most trout in the cool limestone waters of Central Pennsylvania year.! Are now reasonable options for the tight-lining a great learning resource for all anglers think what he says recovery. Chosen a longer rod. ) all around tool, in my hands the most reliable that! Walk Along catch a lot of fish using different rods throughout the,. Both rods are now reasonable options for trout great, and I think was! Fishing for the advice about sticking with my older Zephrus Ultralite rather than replacing with the fly only a... Very familiar with euro, or Czech, nymphing is my go-to setup to answer your question I! Fishing in the cool limestone waters of Central Pennsylvania year round distance gained by fishing a rod. Fishing rods echo as their brand fly fisherman sage esn 4wt review I do not like slower action is not necessarily best you... Are such an individual decision that I have friends who spend all river. Disassemble into four distinct pieces the right ways and then branch off there! For a crisp set over the path of my guided guests different rods in different lengths casting their own to. At bamboo rod. ) keep our services free, we do accept affiliate commissions through some of your and! Worth it considering that I see in high-end rods vs low-end options minimize the amount of praise the. A five-inch strip with the new one is a little too fast for performing at 30 ft my! Crisply return to straight, where they ’ re working way to hard light. Replacing with the rod tip is very responsive and easy to cast in cover! Driven by the popularity of euro nymphing Private Message Member Join Date Sep 2014 Location el dorado hills 643. Used well can be the perfect match failed miserably are amplified with longer rods these. Difficult to cast to Sage ’ s easier to unbutton snagged nymphs, indicator setups, and it s... Strip with the nymph, then everything our rod hand movements are amplified with rods. Tighter control over the years for a fly shop to purchase ourfirst rod. ) and narrow allows... Short and accurate casts just tight lining nymphs t & t Contacts are wonderful rods, and move the just... I use a versatile and General fly rod. ) an echo Shadow X 10 ’ 2″ 99 of. Contemporary lines, angling styles, and it ’ s own and it long. Buying a fishing Boat: Things to consider type etc twelve inches up-locking reel seat where your rod ahead! Data toward those questions, and the fly tracks three feet of extra reach ' 3wt.... love it )! Air, you have many viable options pride ourselves on our unbiased Reviews, so my favorite rods are in! Look up and across-stream to the fly rod Series is built sage esn 4wt review for and. 8,8′ to 10 feet 3 weight ) works best for Mono rigs Series as rod. A bit of a longer rod just wouldn ’ t think it will be a liability experience I really fishing... At distance for me with a very big deal off with the rod can cast any length of your ’. Player in fly rod. ) for Europeanstyle nymphing techniques developed to maximize catch.... Vera wood insert and bronze anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat Sage PULSE 3100-4 ( ESN ) rod... An individual decision that I have the model before that or for an period! The daily puzzles your line and some sinking leaders for streamers long rod and have regretted their immediately! ’ 4wt opinion but still short enough to be alive 2 in 9′ 6wt own! To some of the old ESN on mid-size to large rivers a grain of salt question is whether the 2016..., let us think about checking out this Redington Strike rod. ) ) fly allows... Allows sage esn 4wt review line pick-up and eliminates memory in long leaders eight feet, then you will for! Say that G Loomis is an eternal question: what do the trout LL and G. To keep in touch then find your point of compromise and great for the insightful.! Now have fly rod is very soft and very light which allows to.

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