We don’t need much. If you would rather mail it to us, mail music to: ATTN: Owl Radio Music Director Kennesaw State University Owl Radio Room 162C, MD#0507 395 Cobb Ave NW Kennesaw, GA 30144. Head here for a list of college radio stations. PO Box 3146. Broadcast across the south-east of the UK & Europe wide, the show reaches an audience of millions. Submit Music. Getting playtime on KCR offers a great chance for up and coming artists to reach a … The phone number is 404.894.2468 and the fax number is 404.894.6872. 234 W. Boundary Street. WUBL FM 94.9, known as “94-9 the Bull”, is an Atlanta FM radio station that plays … Pingback: Best of 2017 - line 4 line | Trackstarz. Thank you for submitting your music to our website channel. SUBMIT music via our online link under the “IN the STREETZ” tab on website. "Basic Gig" will get you approx. After checking the add list, you can also ask us via email at music.director@wrek.org. ***THERE IS NO CHARGE TO SUBMIT MUSIC FOR RADIO PLAY CONSIDERATION. Music is not scheduled for broadcast. Do you do a open mic themed night? Also if your music is really cool, we may want to place it on our online mixtape and/or be on our Black Gold Tour. Listen to V-103.3 FM on any device with the RADIO.COM app. Send music links to submityourmusic@indie88.com, and tell us about your music. You can regularly check the On-Line Add List Generator to see what’s been added lately. Music can only be submitted by snail mail: WREK can handle submissions in all common music media formats, but CDs and LPs have a better chance of more airplay from our station’s operators. Music can only be submitted by snail mail: Music Director. Atlanta's Number One Station. Phone: 912-525-5541. How To Submit Music. I can't say how effective any of these are but it only costs $5 to experiment. 1. Enjoy stations such as Praise 102.5 - WPZE, 97.1FM The River - WSRV, Horror Theater, Hip Hop Station - Urbanradio.com, Biltmore Radio and more. Cassettes and DATs and other formats may be submitted, but odds are they will not be played as often. It never hurts to try. We do not have a digital library at this point, and we do not have the volunteer capacity to download & burn CDs of digital submissions. Streetz 94.5 is Atlanta’s New Hip-Hop Station. VEG311.com is the platform use to broadcast music, videos and blogs to social networking sites, industry professionals and bloggers. LISTEN LIVE at work or while you surf. 24/7 for FREE on RADIO.COM. in the Streetz for Hip Hop. Email: music@scadradio.org. Programming decisions and music selections for Entercom stations are made at the local station level. We also pay close attention to what’s buzzing in Toronto. Atlanta, Georgia Radio Stations. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC! 614 , contest , local , music , Street Heat Atlanta, GA 30332-0630. or emailed to: music.director@wrek.org. Listen to radio stations from Atlanta GA, from a wide variety of genres like Adult Contemporary, Hip Hop, Pop, RnB and Top 40. Get new fans and tour opportunities in Atlanta, GA. Producers submit music to be placed with artists and get paid. Durtty Boyz hosts Stuey Rock, DJ Kash & the recurring resident African are known for their brutal honesty and run the tempo of music that is played throughout the hottest clubs in ATL and on the radio. Submit your music to appear on TV show RISING. Artists, bands, and singers submit music to play online free. Contact Us . General Submissions While we celebrate emerging music here at KBOO, we are a volunteer-driven station and don’t have the resources that corporate stations do. Please send your music, indicating any tracks with language that needs to be aired after 10 pm and including a one-sheet description and any biographical and tour information, to WORT Music Director, 118 S. Bedford St, Madison, WI 53703 and/or to musicdirector@wortfm.org. However, if the music you send to us is programmed for rotation, and we have an e-mail address on file for you, you will receive an e-mail confirming that from our automated weekly email system. Our address is music.director@wrek.org. This playlist is curated so our listeners are exposed to only the best tunes. Click on music shows; Find the genre your music fits into {Jazz, gospel, Hip Hop, Etc} Click on the show you want to submit to. We’d love to hear your music! We don’t have “Loud Rock” Music Directors or “RPM” Music Directors, etc., so there’s no need to address any submission to a specific individual unless you’ve made arrangements with that person to review your album ahead of time. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}). 140 spins per month/30 days. You must submit your song in the format of artistname_tracktitle.mp3. If you would like to submit music to Hot 103 Jamz in consideration for airplay, you need to follow our guidelines: • Music submitted must be of broadcast quality and fully mastered. The answer to this is that you need to find radio stations that will play your music. Millions of listeners hear new music and discover new artists on idobi Radio, idobi Howl, and idobi Anthm every month. Questions about whether music is being played or not (as well as why) can be directed over the phone to 850-644-1879 (this is preferable for physical submissions), or by email to music [at] wvfs [dot] fsu [dot] edu (this is preferable for digital submissions, although we should reiterate that physical submissions receive priority over digital, so we ask for extra patience when requesting feedback on digital … Note that you can enter your label name in the optional field and it will report every record from you that we’ve ever programmed (the database goes back to the early 90′s!). 1 play per day, 30 spins per month. Enjoy Independent artist friendly music. A majority of the CDs we receive each day comes to us from the various national promotion companies (Co-Sign, Terrorbird, Planetary, The Syndicate, and Pirate!, just to name a few) that deal with sending out CDs to NACC-affiliated stations. For instance, you can submit your music to college radio stations free and they will decide if your music fits with their vibe. NO, currently we do not. Unfortunately, receipt of submissions will not be acknowledged because of the large volume of submissions every week. The "Gig Extra (Heavy Rotation)" will get you approx. Submit Music to a record label in Atlanta GA. Listen to Star 94, Atlanta’s Feel Good Station. Compile a list of targeted college radio stations and shows. Apply to perform live on the UK’s freshest artist showcase series. Youtube channel url ok to get video from. Just visit Fiverr and do a search for “submit music” and you'll see a few options. We listen to everything that comes across the desk. Veg311 want to place your music on mixtapes, video page and homepage if we like it. Submit music songs to DJ record pools. The Bull 94.9. 8TH AVE. PORTLAND, OR. Choose stations that are in your area or are where you are touring. Get Airplay on all Genres of Music. Whether your flavor is gospel, hip hop, R&B, country (like my husband), or talk radio, they have a plethora of options. To submit music for airplay just send us the link using the FORM below. Absolutely! Accordingly, music should be submitted directly to … WREK can handle submissions in all common music media formats, but CDs and LPs have a better chance of more airplay from our station’s operators. Submit music to an online radio station. Music Submission Policy Policy Regarding Music Submissions And Programmer Access Programming decisions and music selections for Entercom stations are made on a non-discriminatory basis. Get royalties for your music, get heard by … Submit Music. Some of the services offer you the chance to submit your music to radio stations, club DJ's, record labels and more. Wener Barho). Below, submit your music VEG311 online radio station Blast Off Radio Station. Get the latest news in music, shows, tours & more. If you would like to submit your music for consideration for airplay, note the following: Do not call or email asking if it’s okay to send something. Submit your new music for radio play consideration and inclusion on our brand new leaks site that is distributed to fans and djs around the world. Submit Music Letter From KAOS Music Department Hello and thanks for your interest in submitting music to KAOS 89.3 FM! idobi Network internet radio stations accept submissions from all artists. Mail a CD. We found 70 FM radio stations and 70 AM radio stations in the Atlanta, GA area. Go to each station's website to research if the station plays your style and genre of music and find the station's music submission guidelines. Accepted submissions will be added to our automated playlist that plays in between live shows. Entercom does not maintain corporate playlists. Submissions can be mailed to: KBOO-FM 20 S.E. We’ve found that quality music can be found on any label. Sometimes this takes awhile, so please allow two or three weeks before calling. DropTrack provides real-time feedback and analytics on who listened to your music, when and where. To submit music to this station, fill out the form entirely. Click on music shows; Find the genre of your music (African, Latin, Blues, etc) Mail your music project to: WHCR- 90.3FM Radio Please fill out the form below and upload your MP3 for review. Get your music into radio rotation on a royalty paying Internet radio station for one month guaranteed! To submit music, fill out the form below and then click the “Upload Music” button to securely send files to our music directors. Radio is a professional royalty paying radio station and is a legally licensed ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and Sound Exchange 24/7 Radio Station. WREK 91.1 FM. We are not trying to be difficult; we just want to make sure that each submission is given an equal opportunity for review. Submitting Music Want to submit a release for consideration of airplay on Radio K? Savannah, GA 31402. If possible, send us a little information. Once a submission has been pulled for review from our inbox, it often takes a while to determine its fate. Vintage Entertainment Group is a music public relations marketing company helping record labels supporting artists. CDs, records, even cassettes may be mailed to: SCAD Radio. ***By submitting your music through this form you are giving us permission to play your music and you agree to receive newsletters and email correspondence from Excitement Radio. Location Search. We do accept digital files on .wav or mp3, but currently we still prefer CDs to digital submissions because it’s the quickest way to get it … S.O.D.M.G. Come find the top new songs, playlists, and music! We are a free-form, non-commercial radio station, meaning we allow DJ’s to program their shows with music and content they choose, without a rotation. 350 Ferst Drive NW, Suite 2224. All musicians are encouraged to submit their music to KCR. Broadcasting 24/7 from Atlanta, GA on 91.1 FM, "Suita - Toccata" by Violeta Dinescu (perf. Follow up by emailing the show directly. DropTrack helps independent musicians and record labels organize and promote their music. Because items are pulled randomly, it sometimes means newer submissions get reviewed before older ones. Living in Atlanta is like living in radio station heaven, so many choices without Sirius XM subscription. We accept music from artists, promoters and agents. ... Pingback: Submit Music to Hip Hop Radio Stations - Ray G Production. Listen to Atlanta, GA's 1st Hip-Hop, Rap, and RnB streaming Internet radio station.. Our preferred method of contact is e-mail. The radio stations in Atlanta are full of vibrant energy and there’s a program to tune into throughout the day. Email your mp3 to the show directly. All selections are done at random by the on-air op, depending on the format at the particular time. Artist’s can either submit their music online via http://www.thedurttyboyz.com/ or bring their record on a flash drive Tuesday’s at Radio One station located at 101 Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA 30303 … The music from Streetheat is chosen based on VOTES from our listeners!! Our Music Directors pull CDs and LPs randomly from our bin of submissions. We get your music heard by industry influencers including global DJs, playlist curators, bloggers, record labels, radio stations, and music supervisors. • Music submitted must be properly edited for broadcast, including the exclusion of defamatory, profane, indecent or obscene material. If you send a song as Track_01.mp3, it will be immediately rejected However, if you feel like your submission has been waiting for review for an unreasonable amount of time, feel free to call the station and inquire about its status.

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